We’re bringing the Moonstruck Chocolate Café experience to you!

The Moonstruck Chocolate Truck is now open! Come visit us at the intersection of NW 23rd Ave and Glisan, where you’ll be able to buy select collections of Moonstruck truffles, as well as the handmade milkshakes, hot chocolate, and other beverages sold at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés.

The Chocolate Truck is also the only location where you can find our newest treat: the Moon Dipper. The Moon Dipper is handmade ice cream frozen into bars and dipped into your choice of superb milk or dark Belgian chocolate. It’s an unforgettable hand-tailored experience, so don’t miss out!

The Moonstruck Chocolate Truck will be temporarily stationed at the corner of Glisan and Northwest 23rd Avenue until the Moonstruck Chocolate Café at that location reopens, and will then sell Moonstruck products around the Portland area. The Chocolate Truck will be available to hire for events.

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