Fortunato No. 4 Dark Chocolate Bar with Nibs

Fortunato No. 4 Dark Chocolate Bar with Nibs

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For nearly 100 years, the world has gone without this amazing chocolate. Thought to be extinct, today the tale of Pure Nacional cacao beans takes a delicious twist. Recently rediscovered in a remote canyon in Peru, hints of floral, fruity, nutty flavors live on in the bar of Fortunato No. 4 Dark Chocolate.

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FORTUNATO NO. 4 bars are made from Pure Nacional cacao, the ultimate single-origin chocolate. Once prized for their unique scent and flavor characteristics, Pure Nacional cacao beans dominated the world's fine chocolate couverture market. Originally discovered in the early 1800s in Ecuador, the cacao trees were decimated by disease, and surviving disease-resistant and hybrid varieties never compared.

In 2010, Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley of Maranon Chocolate discovered pods of white and purple cacao beans thriving at high altitudes in the microclimate of northern Peru's Maranon Canyon. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) conducted DNA testing on samples, confirming that Pure Nacional lived on. Due to their remote location, harvested beans undertake a journey transported by foot, burro, motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle to reach quality processing.

Moonstruck was the first chocolatier to reintroduce Pure Nacional to chocolate connoisseurs in 2011. Fortunato No. 4 is named after the Peruvian farmer, Fortunato, on whose farm the beans were found, and the number four represents the fourth and most pure sample of Pure Nacional cacao tested by the USDA.

Fortunato No. 4 bars exhibit telltale delicate, rare and complex flavors of fruit, flora, nut and coffee. Today, Moonstruck elevates its original bar with the addition of Pure Nacional cacao nibs, which intensify flavors and add pleasing texture for an unsurpassed chocolate adventure.