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Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés

Slip away to an oasis of cocoa, vanilla, spice and espresso, and take your senses on a delectable journey. Savor handcrafted chocolates, gourmet beverages or decadent desserts. Be among the first to taste new creations from our test kitchen, and help shape the confections and collections that leave chocolate lovers simply, well, moonstruck.

Select a café near you and embark on your own taste safari today.

Downtown - 6th & Alder Cafe

NW 23rd Ave Cafe

Beaverton Town Square Cafe

St. John's Store

Summer Cafe Exclusives

  • Classic Truffle Collection 9-pc.

    Classic Truffle Collection 9-pc.

    Looking for the best of what Moonstruck Chocolate has to offer? Then look no further than this collection featuring an assortment of nine of our most popular chocolates. Includes the following 9 truffles:

    Moonstruck Chocolate Extra-Bittersweet Truffle

    Extra-Bittersweet Truffle:
    A decadent dark chocolate experience. An extra-bittersweet dark chocolate ganache, featuring a hint of sweetness, followed by very slight bitter tones, enrobed in even more dark chocolate and hand-decorated with dark chocolate stripes.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Milk Chocolate Gift Truffle

    Milk Chocolate Gift Truffle:
    A gift for your taste buds! Our signature creamy milk chocolate ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate and finished with a hand-painted dark chocolate ribbon.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Honey Vanilla Caramel

    Honey Vanilla Caramel:
    Soft caramel that is slow cooked in an open kettle and flavored with hints of honey and pure Madagascar vanilla, then enrobed in milk chocolate and hand-decorated with dark chocolate stripes.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Champagne Truffle

    Champagne Truffle:
    One of our most elegant truffles. An ivory chocolate ganache, infused with a champagne reduction and enrobed in dark chocolate, then hand-dipped in ivory chocolate. Hand-decorated with a dark chocolate swirl.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Baileys Irish Cream Truffle

    Baileys Irish Cream Truffle:
    Featured on O, the Oprah Magazine's O List. A creamy milk chocolate ganache infused with Bailey's Irish Cream, enrobed in milk chocolate, then hand-decorated with dark chocolate.
    Moonstruck Chocolate French Silk Chocolate Mousse Truffle

    French Silk Chocolate Mousse:
    A silky whipped dark chocolate mousse enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with a hand-painted milk chocolate design.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Mayan Truffle

    Mayan Truffle:
    One of our most complex and exotic truffles. A ganache of milk chocolate, cinnamon and crushed roasted almonds, hand dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in sugar and cinnamon.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Truffle

    Raspberry Liqueur Truffle:
    A bittersweet dark chocolate ganache infused with Chambord black raspberry liqueur, enrobed in dark chocolate and hand-decorated with a delicate chocolate flower.
    Moonstruck Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffle

    Grand Marnier Truffle:
    An exotic ganache of whipped cream and single origin dark chocolate derived from rare and flavorful Triniterio cocoa beans from the Caribbean, resulting in hints of dried fruits and fresh tobacco. Enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with roasted cocoa nibs.