Who We Are

Chocolate has captivated humans for thousands of years. The ancient Olmecs knew about chocolate, as did the Mayans and the Aztecs — who considered cacao beans a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl, and valued them so highly they were used as currency. It came to Europe via the Spanish court and quickly became a phenomenon; these days, the love of chocolate spans the globe.

In 1993, that love of chocolate took root in Portland, Oregon. From that simple love came a powerful idea: Chocolate shouldn’t just be a snack, or a bite to eat. It should be an experience, a treat for all the senses. Moonstruck Chocolate Company grew from that idea.

The Moonstruck philosophy is the same today as it was then: Create truly superior chocolates by hand, combining high-quality chocolate with locally sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. The result is a quintessentially Portland experience — locally owned and operated, every truffle and every milkshake made by hand with a carefully artisanal touch.

Our dream is to create a chocolate experience so indulgent and so good that you’ll want to savor every last bite, whether you’re sitting on your couch at home or visiting one of our Portland-area cafés. We’re heirs to a 3,000-year chocolate tradition, and we intend to live up to it.